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1. Please read all the rules before applying.

2. At the top of your application, introduce yourself with your name and the journal you primarily use for icons.

3. IF YOU ARE CHANGING YOUR JOURNAL, PLEASE DO NOT RE-APPLY. SIMPLY E-MAIL JESSIKA (, MAKE THE SUBJECT 'JOURNAL CHANGE' and I will send an invitation to that specific journal. If you would like to affiliate with gfi, you can also e-mail Jessika.

4. If you can't handle constructive criticism PLEASE DO NOT BOTHER APPLYING. We do not think we're better than anyone else and we're certainly not here to bash you. But we do want the best icons to be presented here. We will give you a YES or NO answer, and explain our reasoning to you. If you still want help, we recommend you go to icon_tutorial and apply again.

5. If you are not accepted, you are welcome to apply again AFTER 2 WEEKS. Anyone who was not accepted and applies before then will NOT be accepted no matter how good your icons are.

6. Post anywhere between 5-12 of your best icons. Any less or any more will be looked over.

7. Make the subject of your post 'handcuffs' so we know you read the rules.

8. When applying, try to show us your different styles. We should be able to see samples of color, text, textless, effects, texture and brush use, cropping and use of stock images using different modes. You can apply with icons of any fandoms. You have a better chance of getting in if you show us diversity in your icons.

9. We have 5 mods. You must be accepted by AT LEAST 3. You will not receive an invite to post until AFTER you receive at least 3 yes responses. Please do not comment and ask about the whereabouts of our mods if it's taking longer than you'd like to receive an invite/response. We all have personal lives and sometimes you'll need to be patient.

10. Don't ask where your invites are after we've sent them. You can find your invite HERE.

thank you.
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